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Erupt! Music Session 1 @ Komedia

A few photos and videos of our first music session on the 4th May. It was a huge success, we had a lot of fun making music with everyone!

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What We Do

  • Erupt! is a freelance company co-founded by Will Coomes and Mackenzie Belson, dedicated to building confidence, independence, and emotional expression in young people with special needs through the transformative power of music. In the Bath and North- East Somerset area, individuals with special needs and their families often face the challenges of social exclusion and isolation, with limited opportunities for meaningful engagement. To address this gap, our company actively engages with the community by visiting various venues such as community centres, schools, and youth clubs.

  • We offer tailored music sessions designed to meet the unique needs of each group. As qualified musicians, we warmly welcome everyone, regardless of their musical ability, to join in with singing, playing instruments and most importantly having fun!

  • Our mission is to create an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals at any stage of their musical journey can thrive and express themselves through the joy of music.


Our Team

Founders Will Coomes and Mackenzie Belson not only have a passion for assisting people with special needs but we have aspirations to break down the barriers that often hinder individuals with special needs from fully embracing the world of music.

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